Audio mastering, audio mixing & music production


Audio Mastering

Mastering is to optimize your music and prepare it for distribution. With the current standards in mind I strive for your music to sound perfect anywhere. Mastering is not about being the loudest, but about your production to be as dynamic as possible and equal to any other production.

Audio Mixing

To me a good mix is just as much about a good vibe as a good overall sound. When mixing I don’t only pay attention to the individual levels. I pay attention to the music, the details, every note and every rythm.

Music Production

As a music producer I like to focus on solid compositions and want your musical ideas to be fully appreciated. Good communication with the composer(s) is key.


Arie van den Velden


  • Evil Plan – Recording, mixing and mastering EP
  • Triangle – Recording, mixing and mastering EP
  • University of the Arts Projects
  • Mixing and mastering for different clients


Song by Niek Pronk

Mastering by Redial Studio

Song by Evil Plan

Mixing and mastering by Redial Studio

University of the Arts project

Production, mixing and mastering by Redial Studio

Friends & Clients

Evil Plan

Dutch melodic rockband


Dutch rockband

Erik van Zoelen

Live/Studio Engineer

Dylan Greene

Music producer, engineer & beatmaker




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